Import MBOX to Outlook – How to Guide for Non-Technical Users

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In this article, you will learn about how to import MBOX to Outlook. We will describe different methods for migrating the MBOX mailbox data. Also, we will explain which is the best technique to import the MBOX data.

MBOX is a mailbox file format supported by different email clients like Thunderbird, Entourage, Opera Mail, etc. It stores the complete mailbox items like inbox, sent, drafts, trash, archive, etc. Therefore, you can save your mailbox items in these files as backup. However, most users are migrating their MBOX files to Outlook due to various reasons.

Now, let us understand why users are migrating their MBOX to the Outlook email client.

Reasons for Migrating MBOX to Outlook

Users are importing their MBOX files to Outlook as there are several limitations of the MBOX file format. Also, Outlook is an advanced email client that offers numerous features. Let us explore some prominent causes to import MBOX to Outlook.

  • Outlook is a popular email client used by many IT professionals and companies.
  • Email clients which support MBOX file format are outdated.
  • MBOX files are not suitable for mailbox backup as they are fragile.
  • MS Outlook provides various advanced features to the users.
  • Apart from emails, Outlook also offers you contact, calendars, journals, tasks, notes, etc.
  • PST files are suitable for backup and are widely accepted.
  • You can also integrate your Outlook account with Office 365 and other Outlook products.

Because of all the above reasons, most users prefer Outlook and PST files over MBOX files. So, let us check how to open MBOX files in Outlook.

Manual Technique to Import MBOX to Outlook

There are various methods for MBOX to Outlook migration. You can opt for manual techniques to import MBOX to Outlook 2016 or other versions. They are free and effective techniques. You need to perform some manual steps for the migration.

Follow the instructions below to import MBOX files into Outlook.

  • First, download and install the Mozilla Thunderbird in your system.
  • Now, add and configure your email account to this email client.
  • After that, install the ImportExportTools add-on to your thunderbird account and restart it.
  • Next, click on the Tools option in the top menu bar in thunderbird.


  • Select the ImportExportTools option from the list.


  • Then, choose the import MBOX file option.

import mbox file

  • After that, open MBOX file in Outlook and then select all the emails.
  • Right-click on the selected emails and click on the Save selected messages
  • After that, choose the EML format from the list.
  • Then, select the saving location of these EML files.
  • Now, you can easily import these EML files to Outlook by using the drag and drop technique.

It is a simple manual method through which you can easily import your MBOX files to Outlook. However, it is slightly complicated for some users as it involves various intricate steps. Therefore, you should go for an advanced solution to import MBOX to Outlook.

Third-Party Software to Import MBOX into Outlook

DRS MBOX to PST Converter is a highly recommended tool to import MBOX to Outlook. You can also directly migrate your MBOX files to PST file format without any assistance. It is equipped with various advanced features. The software can migrate the MBOX files to different file formats and email clients. You can easily use the software as it has an interactive user interface and a simple working procedure.

Working of DRS MBOX to PST Converter:

  • Download and install the DRS MBOX to PST Converter. Run it as administrator.

launch drs mbox to pst

  • Now, click on the Browse button to select MBOX files.

  • You can opt for the Multiple Files/Folder options to choose multiple files at once.

multiple file

  • After that, you will see the mailbox preview. Check the desired email folders and press Next.


  • Now, choose the PST file format from the drop-down in the Save/Backup/Migrate As option.

save backup

  • Tick the Save in Same folder option to save the resultant file at the source file location.

save in same folder

  • Next, check the Remove the Duplicate Mail option to avoid migration of identical emails.

remove duplicate

  • After that, select the Migrate or Backup Emails without Attachment Files option to migrate the MBOX file, excluding email attachments.


  • Tick the Mail filter option and specify the Start Date and End Date. It will allow you to migrate only specific mailbox items.

mail filter

  • Now, assign a Custom Folder Name and Path the Save for the output file and click on Convert button.

custom name

  • At last, click on the Convert button to migrate MBOX to PST file format.

After changing the file format, you have to export these PST files to Outlook to successfully open MBOX in Outlook.

  • Launch the MS Outlook application and click on the File
  • Go to Open & Export and then Import/Export
  • Choose the Import from another program or file >> Outlook Data File option
  • Select the destination folder, name the file, and press the Finish button.


The manual procedure to import MBOX to Outlook 2016 or 2010 and other versions is quite complicated for most new users. Therefore, third-party software is an ideal option for them to migrate the MBOX files to Outlook. DRS MBOX Converter is a fast and effective software to change the MBOX file to Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo, Outlook PST files, etc. So, you can easily export the files. The software has advanced features with an interactive user interface.



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