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Virtual Disk Recovery

Data Recovery Solutions offers your smart Virtual machine data recovery tools for recovering maximum possible data from corrupt Virtual hard disk files. VHD Recovery, VHDX Recovery, VMDK Recovery and VDI Recovery are available in this range to fix corrupt VHD, VHDX, VMDK and VDI files respectively. You must download demo version of these software for free evaluation before purchasing them.

The Virtual Disk Recovery range includes following recovery utilities:

VHD Recovery

VHD Recovery software is an advanced recovery solution for corrupt VHD files. There are various reasons which can corrupt Virtual hard disk (VHD) files, and make them inaccessible. You must try this software to repair corrupt VHD files and to recover maximum possible from them. Before you can purchase the software, you must download its demo version for free evaluation.

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vhdx Recovery

VHDX Recovery software can help you repair corrupt VHDX files created by Windows Server 8 and later versions. By using this software, you can scan corrupt VHDX files for errors, and then you can recover your maximum possible data from them with ease. Corruption is occurred due to several reasons, but can be fixed only by VHDX Recovery software. You can evaluate the software before purchasing it.

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vmdk Recovery

VMDK Recovery software is best way to recover contents from VMware virtual machine hard disk, commonly known as VMDK file. Just like any physical hard disk, a VMDK file is prone to corruption due to numerous reasons. Download VMDK Recovery tool to repair corrupt VMDK file, so that you can recover your data from it. It’s a safe and easy-to-use application that even a novice user can use it.

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vdi Recovery

VDI Recovery software provides you an easy, swift and effective solution for recovering data from corrupt VDI files created by Oracle VirtualBox of Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Corruption can make VDI files inaccessible, and this software can bring your data back from corrupt VDI files and save them in their original form. You can try its free demo version first for evaluation purpose.

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