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Secure PDF Documents with the Most Advanced and Efficient PDF Password Protection Tool

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DRS PDF Password Protection Tool is a fast, secure, and simple solution to protect PDF files without disturbing the file integrity. It offers numerous innovative functionalities for a better user experience. Along with that, it is a compact tool that supports all versions of PDF files. This application is compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

  • Add password protection to PDF files without Adobe Acrobat.
  • Select multiple PDF files at once to enable encryption.
  • Enable the encryption level AESx128, AESx256, RC4x128, and RC4x40 according to the PDF versions.
  • Allow adding Owner and User passwords to PDF files.
  • Protect PDF from editing, copying, and modifying.
  • Option to customize the meta description of the resultant PDF.
  • Save the PDF attachment in the subfolder of the output file.
  • Encrypt PDF files of any size without any restriction.
  • Sustain data integrity and file content of the output file.
  • Swiftly enables passwords to any version of a PDF file.
  • Widely Compatible with all versions of Windows OS 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and other all previous versions.

Need for PDF Protection Tool

Protect PDF Files from Unauthorized Access

PDF Password Protection Tool allows you to add password protection to your valuable PDF file. Therefore, you can protect your data from unauthorized access.

Prevent Modification of PDF File Content

The application allows you to set up a PDF owner password. It restricts anyone making changes to the PDF file content without your consent.

Secure Multiple PDF Documents at Once

To make the process fast and efficient, the application provides you with a batch file selection feature. So, you can protect multiple PDF files at once.

Specific Features of the DRS PDF Password Protection Tool

Protect PDF File data from Unauthorized Access using the best PDF Protection Software

DRS PDF Protection Tool is a highly advanced utility that provides numerous innovative functionalities to ease the process. Restriction to make changes in the file content. Editing the Metadata properties, and sustaining the data integrity are some of the prime characteristics of the DRS PDF Password Protection Tool. Along with that, this PDF protector is compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

Secure PDF without Adobe Acrobat

Secure PDF without Adobe Acrobat

The PDF Protection Software helps encrypting your PDF file with password protection without Adobe Acrobat. It is a fast and efficient way of protecting your valuable data from unauthorized access. Encrypted PDF files cannot be accessed without your consent.

Protect Multiple PDFs Simultaneously

Protect Multiple PDFs Simultaneously

If you want to add a password to numerous PDF files, you can do so using the PDF Protection Tool. The application provides you with an option to select multiple PDF files in a single step. This feature saves you precious time and effort.

Owner Password and User Password

Owner Password and User Password

Using the application, you can add two different passwords to a PDF file: Owner Password and User Password. The former restricts users to make any change in the PDF file, while the latter option prevents the PDF from opening to unauthorized users.

Restriction from Data Modification

Restriction from Data Modification

The application provides different options to lock PDF from editing, copying, and modifying. When you add password to PDF, you can enable various additional restrictions to the resultant PDF file to enhance its security.

Edit Meta Description of Output

Edit Meta Description of Output

You can edit the meta description properties of the resultant PDF files. The tool provides the feature to modify various PDF details like Author, Title, Subject, Creation Date, Modification Date, and Keywords as per your requirement.

Save Attachments Separately

Save Attachments Separately

Another prominent feature of the PDF password protection tool is that you can save the PDF attachments in a subfolder in the resultant folder. Thus, you can separate the attachments from the file content and add a password only for the desired item.

No File Size Limitation

No File Size Limitation

The application can encrypt PDF files of any size with the same effectiveness. Whether you have a large PDF file containing hundreds of pages or a small file with only a few pages, the application can easily enable password protection for all files.

Secure and Reliable Application

Secure and Reliable Application

DRS PDF File Protection Tool is the most secure and reliable application to protect Acrobat PDF files. It secures PDF files without damaging the file content. Along with that, It is genuine software with a verified publisher.

Support all PDF File Versions

Support all PDF File Versions

Irrespective of the PDF file version, you can enable password protection for any PDF file created by Adobe Acrobat, irrespective of versions of Acrobat. The effectiveness of the application does not change while encrypting an old or latest version of PDF.

Windows Compatible Tool

Windows Compatible Tool

You can use the application on your PC whether you use an old version or a latest version. This innovative utility is compatible with all versions of Windows OS. It is built with an advanced and comprehensive algorithm to become widely supportable.

Working Screenshots to Protect PDF Files from Copying/Editing

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Software Specification - PDF Protection Tool

Download the Free PDF Password Protection Tool and Protect PDF file from Copying Editing, and Printing

Software Download

DRS PDF Password Protection Software is a highly recommended utility to add password to PDF files and secure it from unethical use. The application allows you to restrict content copying, editing, or printing. Hence, no one can access or alter the PDF data without your consent.

Size: 90 MB   Version: 22.10

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The free trial version has a restriction in that it saves the resultant PDF file with a watermark. Therefore, you need to purchase the premium version of the software.


Pentium Class 1GHz Processor


512 MB Minimum RAM (1 GB Recommended)

Hard Disk Space

500 MB Free Space

Operating System Windows 11 and all the prior versions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Follow the below instructions to password-protect PDF free.
  1. Download and install the DRS PDF Protection Tool. Run it as administrator.
  2. Click on the Add File button and select the desired PDF file. Press Open to add the file.
  3. After that, the file will appear in the list. Click on the Next button to proceed further.
  4. Now, specify the encryption level, add a password and provide other restrictions.
  5. Edit MetaData properties of the file and other options as per your requirement.
  6. At last, click on the Lock button to add password protection.

Ans: Yes, the application allows you to add multiple PDF files in a single step. You can choose as many files as you want. Also, you can select an entire folder of PDF files to enable password protection.

Ans: The application allows you to manually choose the encryption level as per the PDF versions. We mention the encryption levels corresponding to different PDF versions.
  • PDF 1.7 (Acrobat X and later): AESx256
  • PDF 1.6 (Acrobat 7 and later): AESx128
  • PDF 1.5 (Acrobat 6 and later): RC4x128
  • PDF files created by Acrobat 3.0 and later: RC4x40

Ans: The owner password grants permission to make changes to the file content. There are several differences between Owner Password and User Password. The first is required to modify the file content, while the latter only allows you to access the file content.

Ans: No, the application cannot remove password protection from an encrypted file. However, it can add a new password to PDF files having an existing password.

Ans: No, the application is not helpful in case you forgot the password. If you add a new password to a locked PDF file, you need to enter the existing password first.

Ans: The installation of Adobe Acrobat or any other application is not necessary to encrypt PDF files using PDF File Protection Software.

Ans: The software offers numerous options to restrict the file content from editing, copying, and extracting. After adding the file, enable all the desired options as per your requirement.

Ans: Download and install the free demo version of DRS PDF protection software. It allows you to add a password to your file and protect it. However, the protected file contains a watermark.

Ans: Yes, you can change the Author, Title, Subject, Creation Date, Modification Date, and Keywords using the DRS PDF File Protector Tool.

Ans: The application will work well on your Windows PC as it supports all versions of Windows OS. However, the password protect PDF Mac solution is not available right now.

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Comparison - DRS PDF Protection Tool Demo v/s Premium Version
Product Features Free Version Full Version
Add password and save the resultant PDF Save with watermark Save as original
Batch selection of multiple PDF files simultaneously
Distinct PDF file encryption levels: AESx128, AESx256, RC4x128, and RC4x40
Enable two different passwords: User Password and Owner Password
Multiple options to restrict editing, copying, and other permissions
Edit PDF metadata
Save attachments in sub folder
Add password on unprotected PDF files and change password on protected PDF files
Widely compatible with all versions of Windows OS
24*7 free technical support
Price Free $29
Download and Purchase Download Purchase
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