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Download Demo Version Free: DRS Free JFIF Converter Tool demo version only converts 4 files. For converting unlimited files, purchase the premium tool.

DRS JFIF Converter Tool is the most reliable and genuine JFIF file converter utility that convert JFIF to JPG, PNG, etc. image formats, and document formats without damaging the file integrity. The application provides numerous advanced features. Above all, the interactive and self-explanatory GUI makes this tool an ideal solution for beginners and non-technical users.

  • Convert JFIF to JPG, PNG, PDF, HTML, GIF, SVG, TFIF, etc.
  • Sustain data integrity and file structure after conversion.
  • Add multiple files to convert into different formats.
  • Select the complete folder containing many JFIF files.
  • Enable password protection to resultant PDF files.
  • Customize the page margin of the output file as per your requirement.
  • Option to create a single or separate file for each JFIF file.
  • Define any custom location to save the resultant file.
  • Compact tool for fast and efficient migration.
  • Widely compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

Why Do We Need a DRS JFIF Converter?

To Enable Password Protection to PDF Files

If you are converting your JFIF file into PDF format, the tool allows you to add a password to the output PDF file. This feature of the JFIF Converter tool helps you protect your valuable data from unauthorized use.

To Convert JFIF Files to JPG File Format

The best JFIF to JPG Converter Wizard is a competent utility to convert from JFIF to JPG file format. It does not damage the file integrity and sustains the meta description of the file.

Change JFIF files to PNG File Format

You can change the JFIF file into different image formats using the JFIF Converter Tool. The application provides PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, and many other image and document formats.

Prevailing Features of DRS JFIF Converter Tool

DRS JFIF Converter Tool is the best solution to convert JFIF to JPG, PNG, GIF, and many other formats. The JFIF file converter provides you with numerous advanced features to customize the migration as per your requirement. The application has an easy-to-use and interactive GUI. Moreover, the application is widely compatible with all versions of Windows OS including Win 11.

Add & Convert Single/Multiple JFIF Files

Add & Convert Single/Multiple JFIF Files

The JFIF Image Converter application allows you to choose multiple JFIF files simultaneously. You can select multiple files at a time. Also, you can add a complete folder having multiple JFIF files. This efficient utility can convert all files at once.

Convert JFIF to PNG File

Convert JFIF to PNG File

You can convert your JFIF files into distinct image and document formats. The available resultant options are JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PPM, TIFF, SVG, DICOM, JPG, EMF, ODG, PDF, PSD, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, and HTML.

Protect the Resultant PDF

Protect the Resultant PDF

While choosing PDF as the resultant file format, you can add password protection to the file. The JFIF Converter utility has the Advanced setting option through which you can enable an open password to the output file and protect your data.

Customize Page Layout Settings

Customize Page Layout Settings

Another significant feature of the JFIF File Converter tool is that you can manually specify the margin in the resultant file. It will only be provided in the document formats like PDF, DOC, and DOCX files formats.

Create a Single File for Each Image

Create a Single File for Each Image

If you have chosen the document format, the application enables the Page settings feature. There are two distinct features. You can either opt for the Create Single file for each image or create a separate file for each image option.

Custom Destination Location

Custom Destination Location

The DRS JFIF Converter tool allows you to specify the saving location of the resultant file. You can also save the output file to the external drive connected. By default, the destination path is set to the Desktop.

Sustain JFIF Meta description

Sustain JFIF Meta description

The JFIF to PDF Converter application is a completely secure and reliable tool. It does not alter or damage file input file data. Also, it sustains the meta description of the JFIF files during the file conversion. Moreover, the application does breach the file content.

Windows Compatible Tool

Compatible with Windows OS

The DRS JFIF Converter is widely compatible with all versions of Windows OS. You can install and use the application on your PC, whether it is Windows 7 or 11. The efficiency of the application will remain the same.

Working Screenshots to Convert JFIF Image to PNG, JPG, PDF, etc.

Specifications and Technical Requirements

Convert JFIF Files to JPG, PDF, GIF, and Other Format using the Advanced JFIF Converter Windows 10 Compatible Tool

Software Download

DRS JFIF Converter Tool is a proficient utility to change your JFIF files into different image and document formats. The application provides various advanced features with a simple and interactive GUI.

Size:239 MB   Version: 22.7

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JFIF to JPG converter Free Download Tool allows you to convert only 4 files. Purchase the premium version of the tool to convert unlimited JFIF files.





Hard Disk Space

500 MB Free Space

supported Editions

1. Why is the software not working in my Windows 10?

Ans: Follow the steps below if the software is not working properly on your PC.

  1. Go to Windows Defender.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Turn off Real-Time Protection.
    Without disabling the controlled folder access, the application becomes unable to install some essential programs. It is because the safety feature blocks anything that tries to modify user\{user name} or various other related folders.

2. Why is my backup process still getting blocked?

Ans: Disable the antivirus and Windows defender and add the product to the exception list. The firewall and antiviruses that protect your system from malicious programs also consider our product a threat. So, you need to deactivate the security features.

3. Does this software support SAN, NAS storage systems?

Ans: Yes, the tool supports SAN, NAS storage systems provided that the file's access is transparent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Follow the below steps to convert JFIF files into JPG using the JFIF Converter.
  • Download and install the DRS JFIF File Converter Tool. Run it as administrator.
  • Click on the Add File button and choose the desired file. Press Open.
  • It will add the selected file to the tool. Click on the Next button.
  • Now, choose the desired file type in the Save File As option.
  • Next, opt for other tool options as per your requirement.
  • At last, define the Destination Path and click on the Convert button.

The prominent utility allows you to add multiple JFIF files simultaneously. While selecting the file, you can choose multiple files. Also, there is an option to add the complete folder containing multiple JFIF files.

Ans: Yes, you can convert JFIF files into a PNG file format. Moreover, the application allows you to convert your file into the various image and document formats.

Ans: Yes, you can use the free demo version of the DRS JFIF Converter Tool. It allows you to change your JFIF file for free. However, it has a restriction of converting only 4 files. Therefore, purchase the premium version of the tool to change unlimited JFIF files.

Ans: After selecting PDF in the Save as type option, click on the Advanced Settings option. Now, tick the Add password option and type the desired password. It will enable password protection to the file.

Ans: Yes, the JFIF to PNG Converter Application is designed to work efficiently with all versions of Windows. Thus, the application will work smoothly on your Windows 11.

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DRS JFIF File Converter Tool Free Version v/s Full Version
Product Features Demo Version Premium Version
Convert JFIF files into a different image and document formats Only 4 files Unlimited files
Multiple JFIF file and folder selection for conversion
Option to create a single or separate resultant file for each input JFIF file
Enable password protection to output PDF file
Feature to manually specify the page margin
Customize the destination path for the resultant
Compatible with all versions of Windows OS
24*7 Technical support
Price Free $29
Download and Purchase Download Purchase
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