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DRS PST Splitter is the best open source Split PST tool for every Outlook user. It efficiently divides your large PST files into multiple smaller files. Outlook PST files are prone to corruption when exceeding the size limit. Therefore, splitting or breaking the oversized PST file is an ideal solution to protect them from damage. To serve this purpose, the software is the best approach that splits large Outlook PST files into multiple smaller files without hassle.

  • Smart PST Splitter for Mac and Windows to divide any size PST file maintaining integrity.
  • Reduce time and effort by splitting multiple PST files and folders at a time.
  • Create new output files instead of altering the original file content.
  • Support both ANSI and UNICODE encoding for Outlook PST files.
  • It has no file size limitations and keeps the data unaltered.
  • Secure the resultant PST files by adding password protection to them.
  • Divide/break large PST files based on size, date, sender, and folder.
  • Advanced option to ignore duplicate emails while splitting PST files.
  • Compatible with all Windows versions Win 10, 8, 7 (32bit & 64bit) & Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, 2008. and support PST of any Outlook version. Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, & 2000 version.

Why It Is Necessary to Split PST File & Use of DRS PST Splitter Tool?

When your Outlook PST file too large to open & copy

With increasing mailbox data, the size of PST files also grows. After reaching the threshold limit, these Outlook data files start showing the PST file too large errors. The best solution to this problem is to split Outlook PST files into smaller files using the PST Splitter tool.

Break large PST file into various smaller parts

A large PST file is difficult to manage. So, by dividing it into many smaller files, you can keep your system organized. A small PST file is easy to share and backup. You can split the large PST file based on size, date, sender, and folder using best PST Splitter Software.

For Preventing PST File from corruption

A large-sized PST file tends to be corrupted easily and makes the data inaccessible. Apart from PST file too large error, there are multiple errors you will encounter due to oversized PST files. Hence, to prevent Outlook from corruption, it is advised to keep your data files small and accessible.

How & Why Choose DRS PST Splitter Software?

The best PST Splitter Tool provides you all the advanced features to divide or break PST files effortlessly. The advanced features of the tool and interactive user interface make it an ideal solution for all users. Moreover, you can evaluate the complete software using the free demo version.

Efficiently Split Large PST File

Efficiently Split Large PST File

PST Splitter Tool is an efficient Split PST File software that divides large size PST into multiple files. The software is equipped with all the advanced features to make file splitting easy and effective for users. Therefore, it is a safe and reliable way to break the big PST files.

Divide Multiple PST files at Once

Divide Multiple PST files at Once

Another prominent feature of the best PST splitter tool is to split multiple PST files at once. It also allows you to choose a complete folder of PST files. So, it eliminates the unnecessary time that you spend processing individual files at a time.

Split PST by Date, Size, Sender, and Folder

Split PST by Date, Size, Sender, and Folder

PST File Splitter allows you to split Outlook PST by date, size, sender, and folder. Dividing the PST file by date helps you to separate the data based on date ranges. Similarly, you can make different files based on senders, sizes, and mailbox folders.

Keep Meta Properties Original

Keep Meta Properties Original

Unlike other splitters software, this innovative utility keeps the file content and meta properties intact. The DRS PST Splitter freeware does not alter any piece of data and details. Therefore, all the resultant PST files have the same properties as the parent PST.

Keeps original Data Hierarchy

Break large PST File of any Size

The advanced software provides the no file size limitation feature that means it supports all size PST files. The software can divide your smallest or largest Outlook file with the same efficiency. So, you can split your large files based on different parameters.

Option to Set Backup Schedule

Enable Password to Resultant Files

If you want to protect the split PST files with password protection, the tool will provide you this additional feature of enabling restriction. But you cannot split a password-protected PST using the PST Splitter full version. So, remove the PST encryption via PST Password Remover

Free up Server Space

Option to Ignore Duplicate Emails

If you want to exclude all the duplicate emails while splitting the PST file, you should use the ignore identical emails feature of the Split Software. This option will allow you to create precise PST files after breaking a large Outlook data file.

Use date range to save Process time

Full-Featured Demo Version

The PST Splitter Tool offers you a trial version of the software to evaluate the features and working of the premium tool. The demo version has all the features of the paid version but splits only 50 emails per folder. So, purchase the full software for complete mailbox splitting.

Save additional Mail items

Interactive Graphical User-Interface

Despite all the advanced features, the graphical user interface of the software is made simple. The main motive is to make the tool easy to navigate for all users. Thus, both novice and advanced users can split their large PST files without assistance.

Save to Desired Location

Widely Compatible with Windows

The Split PST software is widely compatible with all versions of Windows OS. Also, the tool supports PST files created by any version of MS Outlook. Therefore, it will work efficiently on your Windows PC. You can install and run the utility without any concern.

Split PST Tool to Split, Break Outlook PST Files - Working Screenshots

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Download Free & Best PST File Splitter Tool

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Download the best tool to divide your large size Outlook PST files in a fast and effective manner.

Size: 44.3 MB   Version: 23.3

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DRS PST Splitter is an ideal solution to split large Outlook PST files without Outlook. The utility has a demo version to analyze the software working and features of the paid tool. However, you can only divide 50 emails per folder. Upgrade to the premium software to split large PST files without restrictions.





Hard Disk Space

Hard Disk Space

supported Editions

Follow the steps below to allow the software to work smoothly.

  1. Go to Windows Defender.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Turn off Real-Time Protection.

When a controlled folder is enabled, some parts of the software might not get installed. Controlled folder settings sometimes block anything that attempts to write to use the user\{user name} or various other related folders.

Disable your antivirus or windows defender temporarily, and add our product to the exception list. If this does not work, clear the browser cache and remove all the temporary files from the system. It will make the software run smoothly.

Yes, it perfectly works on such storage technology as long as the file's access is transparent, which is usually there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Follow the steps below to break large PST files into smaller files.
  • Download and install the DRS PST Splitter Tool.
  • Now, add the desired PST file/files and click Next.
  • After that, choose the criteria of PST splitting.
  • Now, opt for the additional features and the path to save.
  • Finally, click on the Split button to complete the procedure.

Ans: You can use the Split PST by Date feature of the advanced PST Splitter online. It helps you to divide the files based on the date of the emails. Set the date range parameter, and the tool will split the emails for that range.

Ans: Currently, the size limit of the Outlook PST file is 50 GB. If the file exceeds this limit, it starts showing error messages and becomes prone to corruption. Therefore, you should split large Outlook PST files to keep them healthy.

Ans: You can compress the Outlook PST file to reduce its size. However, it is not a safe option as it increases the chances of file corruption. Therefore, the best option is PST file splitting using the best free PST splitter tool.

Ans: Yes, a large PST file can slow down the performance and productivity of Outlook. Also, it is more susceptible to file corruption. Therefore, you should split a large PST file.

Ans: No, the PST splitter with crack or full version does not require the Outlook desktop application installed in your system to divide Outlook PST files.

Ans: It takes 20 to 30 minutes to compress a large-sized PST file. However, using this tool, you can easily split over-sized Outlook PST file just in a matter of minutes.

Ans: The best option to reduce the size of Outlook PST file without Outlook is by using a professional tool. The DRS PST Split Tool can help you to divide your large-size PST files into multiple smaller files.

Ans: No, the PST file splitter does not support corrupted PST files. You need to repair these files using the PST File Recovery tool. After that, you can split them as per your requirement.

Ans: Yes, the software can split the large-sized PST file but it has some limitations. It can only divide 50 emails per folder of the file. Therefore, you have to purchase the full version of the software without any restrictions.

Client Speaks

DRS PST Splitter Tool - Demo Version vs Full Version
product Features Free Version Full Version
Split Outlook PST file easily and effectively Only 50 emails per folder Unlimited email items
Choose multiple PST files to split at once
Split oversized PST files based on different parameters like date, size, sender, and folders
Secure resultant PST files by password protection
No PST file size limitation to split
Support both ANSI and UNICODE encoding
Ignore duplicate email items while splitting PST file
Compatible with all windows versions
24*7 Technical support
Price Free $49
Download and Purchase Download Purchase
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