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A Compact and Credible Software to Recover Exchange BKF File without Restriction

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Download Demo Version Free: DRS Exchange Backup Recovery Free version does not save the recovered file. It only displays the preview of the data after repair.

DRS Exchange Backup Recovery Tool - Overview

DRS Exchange BKF Recovery Tool is a best online solution to repair Exchange BKF Files from its corrupt state. It facilitates saving the snapshot of recovered file data. Moreover, the compatibility with all Windows OS and interactive user interface makes this software an ideal solution for BKF recovery.

  • Effectively recover corrupt Exchange BKF files and save the file content.
  • Recover complete Exchange BKF data like EDB, STM, and LOG.
  • Maintain data integrity while recovering the BKF file.
  • Display the Exchange BKF file preview before saving.
  • Repair any size Exchange BKF file without hassle.
  • Allow to load and save a snapshot of the recovered file.
  • The simple and interactive user interface for easy navigation.
  • Operate swiftly on all versions of Windows OS.

Why Recover Exchange BKF file?

To Fix Various Exchange Error Messages

While opening a corrupt BKF file, you may see an error message. There are numerous errors related to a corrupted Exchange file. Most likely, the error message will disappear on repairing the file.

To Open the Inaccessible Exchange BKF Files

By repairing the damaged Exchange BKF file, you can access the inaccessible file content. It allows you to open the Exchange files like EDB, STM, and LOG files without altering their data.

To Export Exchange BKF File to the Exchange server

The exchange mailbox server cannot retrieve data from a damaged Exchange BKF file. So, you cannot export a corrupt Exchange BKF file to the server. You have to repair the file first.

Features of DRS Exchange BKF Recovery Software That Makes It User’s First Choice

A Fine Software Loaded with all the Advanced Features to Make BKF Extractor Easy and Effective

DRS Exchange BKF Recovery Tool is the best software for every user to recover Exchange BKF files. Along with an interactive user interface and fast performance, the software provides numerous features to make the BKF file recovery easy and effective. Now, let us check the prominent characteristics offered by the BKF Repair Tool.

Repair Corrupt Exchange BKF File

Repair Corrupt Exchange BKF File

The DRS Exchange Backup Recovery software repairs corrupted Exchange files effectively and saves the recovered data at any desired location. The tool helps you access your inaccessible backup file data.

Recover Complete Exchange Data

Recover Complete Exchange Data

You can restore complete Exchange BKF file content like EDB, STM, and LOG files. The software does not make any modifications while repairing the file. Thus, it is a full-featured tool for an all-around BKF recovery.

Advanced Search for Corrupt File

Advanced Search for Corrupt File

The advanced search option allows you to scan the local drive and display all the available Exchange BKF files. Choose the desired file that you want to recover. Also, you can save the search result for future reference.

Display Preview of Recovered Data

Display Preview of Recovered Data

After repairing the corrupted Exchange BKF file, the Exchange BKF Recovery software provides you an advanced option to display the preview of the file content in a hierarchical folder. This feature facilitates identifying the data to be saved.

No File Size Limitation

No File Size Limitation

The software can recover corrupt Exchange BKF files of any size as it has no file size limit. The software is designed with an advanced algorithm so that it repairs the file content of any size Exchange file efficiently.

Load and Save Snapshot

Load and Save Snapshot

Before saving the recovered data, you can save the snapshot of the repaired file preview. Also, you can load that snapshot to resume the recovery of corrupted BKF data. This option reduces your time and effort.

Interactive User Interface

Interactive User Interface

The software is built with an interactive and easy-to-use interface. The sole purpose is to make the tool simple and interactive so that any novice user can recover Exchange BKF files without any assistance.

Windows Based Utility

Windows Based Utility

You can install and run the software on your PC having any version of Windows OS. The Exchange BKF Recovery Software is a Windows-based utility, so it works efficiently, whether you are using Windows 10 or 7.

Working Screenshots of DRS Exchange BKF Recovery Tool

Know the step-by-step working of the software here...

Download Best Exchange Backup Recovery Software Online

Software Download

The most effective and secure software to repair and save your corrupted BKF file data.

Size: 1.8 MB   Version: 22.0

Download Now Purchase Now

The Free Exchange BKF Recovery Tool is identical to the premium software in features and working. However, you cannot save the recovered data using it. Thus, you have to buy the premium software to repair and save your Exchange data without any restriction.





Hard Disk Space

200 MB Free Space

Operating System Windows 10 and all the prior version

#1. Why is the software not working in my Windows 10?
Follow the steps below to allow the software to work smoothly.

  1. Go to Windows Defender.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Turn off Real-Time Protection.
When controlled folder access is enabled, some parts of the software might not get installed. Controlled folder settings sometimes block anything that attempts to write to use the user\{user name} or various other related folders.

#2. Is your backup process still getting blocked?
Disable your antivirus or windows defender temporarily, and add our product to the exception list. If this does not work, clear the browser cache and remove all the temporary files from the system. It will make the software run smoothly.

#3. Does this software support SAN, NAS storage systems?
Yes, it perfectly works on such storage technology as long as the file's access is transparent, which is usually there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Follow the below steps to recover your BKF file.
  • Download and install the DRS Exchange BKF Recovery Tool.
  • Now, click on the Open button to select the desired BKF file.
  • After that, the tool displays the preview of file content.
  • Now, click on the Save button to save the recovered data.
  • Choose the saving destination and click the Save button.

Ans: Yes, the Exchange BKF Recovery Tool can recover the Exchange Streaming Data (STM) File. It recovers complete Exchange file data.

Ans: No, the demo version of the online Exchange Backup Recovery tool does not save the recovered data. It only shows the file preview. However, you can save a snapshot of the recovered BKF data.

Ans: No, you cannot recover Exchange BKF files in bulk using this tool.

Ans: The tool allows you to save a snapshot of the recovered data. You can load that snapshot later to save time and effort.

Ans: Yes, you can install and run the DRS Exchange BKF Recovery Software on every version of the Windows Operating System.

What Do Our Clients Say?

Comparison Between Demo Version and Paid Version
Product Features Free Version Paid Version
Repair/Recover corrupted Exchange BKF file data Only preview Preview and Save
Restore complete Exchange data like EDB, STM, and LOG files
Display the recovered data preview
No file size limitation
Advanced scan option to scan BKF file
Save and load a snapshot of recovered data
24*7 Tech support
Price Free $99
Download and Purchase Download Purchase
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