DRS AOL Backup tool helped me in saving my AOL email attachments as PDF files. I appreciate its developers for designing such a useful utility.

Aron White (UK)

Main Issue

While backing up the AOL emails, the client wants to save the AOL attachments in PDF document format. However, there is no such option available in the standard approaches.

An Overview to the Problem

Aron White is an IT consultant. He helps clients in managing their online data and data security. His main job is to help people in saving, protecting, and converting their data available on the internet. One of his clients was asking to download the AOL mailbox email attachments as PDF files. Therefore, he suggested the innovative DRS AOL Mail Backup Tool to backup email attachments in PDF format. That fulfilled the needs of his client.

Why Save Email Attachments in PDF Format?

The client’s main requirement is he wants to save all the email attachments in PDF file format. Now, there are several reasons for downloading the attachments as PDF. Let us have a look at the features of PDF file format.

  • PDF files are the most versatile file types. They offer various exclusive features that help users easily manage the data.
  • PDF files are widely supportable files. The client can open them on almost every device.
  • When it comes to stability, PDF files are the most durable file types. Also, you can encrypt a PDF file with a password.

The Best Solution to Save Attachments as PDF

At first, Aron looked for a manual approach to resolve their client’s issue. However, there is no such technique to save the AOL email attachments as PDF files. All methods are migrating the complete mailbox data as a single file without separating the attachments. After doing a lot of research, Aron suggested the DRS AOL Mail Backup tool to his client.

This advanced tool has an exclusive feature to save the email attachments as PDF files. It is the best software for Aron’s client because of its simple working procedure and excellent performance. The user successfully created the backup as per his requirement. Aaron remarked the tool as the most reliable software for AOL Mail backup.

DRS Softech is the most innovative brand in data recovery and email migration. It provides a range of products for email migration, PDF management, cloud backup, etc.

As reviewed in Trustpilot, the company designs tools that satisfy all user’s needs.



DRS AOL Mail Backup Tool is one of the finest software for creating a backup of AOL emails. It saves the data in various file formats like PST, MBOX, PDF, MSG, EML, HTML, etc. Also, this tool allows you to migrate your mailbox to other email clients like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Thunderbird, Office 365, etc. Using this advanced featured utility, you can easily save your email attachments with ease.

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