In computers, there is no file which is immune to corruption. Even if we talk about a Word document, ZIP archive or a backup (BKF) file. In these days, data backup plays a highly crucial role. It provides data security against any type of data loss, either due to corruption or accidental deletion. But unluckily, backup files are prone to corruption like other computer files. Though we can somehow avoid corruption, but it is impossible to stop it from happening. Data corruption is always considered as an inevitable situation.

There are various causes highly responsible for corruption in backup files. The corruption reason is never specified, i.e. sometimes it may be this, and sometimes it may be that. Following are some most common reasons which may corrupt backup files:

Virus Infection or Bugs Attack: Viruses and bugs are always harmful for a computer system as well as for the data stored in it. A computer virus or bug may attack on a particular drive, folder or a file in your system to make it infected. It can easily cause corruption in backup files by deleting some part of the file or overwriting it.

Sudden Power Failure: Sudden power failure is another common reason for data corruption. For example: you are working with NT-Backup or any other backup exec, i.e. either for taking backup or restoring backup. All of a sudden, your system gets turned off due to power failure. This situation may lead corruption in your backup files and other data.

Improper System Shut Down: If you shut down your computer system in an improper manner, the chances for corruption always remain high. If a particular program or application is running on your system, the file may become inaccessible or corrupt due to improper system shut down.

HDD Crash: Unexpected crash in system hard disk drive causes a lot of pain and certain data loss for sure. Sometimes the crash is not that severe, but can cause corruption in few part of data. If your backup files are stored in that part of hard disk drive, it may get corrupted.

Interrupted Backup Job: If any type of interruption takes place during the backup job, i.e. collision with any other running application, the file may become inaccessible.

Missing Catalogue: Catalogue files play an important role in backup. A catalogue file contains all the details (filename, size, location, etc.) of the files which are backed up in the BKF file. If any of the catalogue files is missing, it may cause corruption in whole backup file.

Software Malfunction: Last but not the least, software malfunction. It may refer any of these: software collision, virus or bugs attack, outdated software, etc.

Aforementioned factors are highly responsible for backup file corruption. Whenever corruption takes place in BKF files, users start receiving error messages on their screen.

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