How to Extract Microsoft Entourage RGE Files on Mac & Win OS?

In this blog, we provide you with sure-shot solutions to extract Entourage RGE files on Mac & Windows. Before digging into the techniques, we will provide you with a quick overview of Entourage, RGE files, and why Entourage was discarded. So, read it till the end to get what you want.

Entourage – Overview

In 2008, Microsoft launched MS Entourage, an email client developed for Mac OS 8.5 and later versions. It later became obsolete and was replaced by Outlook for Mac. It was a part of the Office suite for Mac and delivered all prominent features.

What is the RGE file extension?

Like OLM for Mac Outlook, RGE is the file format of Entourage. Microsoft Entourage provides you an option to backup your mailbox data to your system. The file created has a .rge extension. It is a container of MBOX files that stores all emails of each mailbox folder like inbox, sent, draft, trash, etc.

Let us know why this desktop email client was discarded despite being one of the best email managers.

Why Extract Microsoft Entourage RGE Files into MBOX?

There are several reasons to convert RGE to PST file format. We will discuss the most prevalent of them.

  • Entourage has become outdated, so RGE files are rarely used. Thus, it is the most prominent reason for choosing the MBOX file format.
  • RGE files are suitable for Mac users. But most users are working on Windows OS. So, it is suitable to switch to MBOX files.

Considering these reasons, it is time to learn how to extract the Entourage RGE file.

How to Extract Microsoft Entourage RGE Files on Mac and Windows OS?

Like other email clients, Microsoft provides you with an option to export mailbox data to your system. Entourage backup is saved as an RGE file from which you can extract MBOX files. There are two different techniques to extract Entourage RGE files on Mac systems.
#1. Export Entourage Mailbox as RGE and Extract MBOX from It
#2. Drag Mailbox Folder from Entourage and Drop at the Desired Location

Method 1: Export Entourage Mailbox as RGE and Extract MBOX from It

This approach to extract MBOX files from Entourage RGE files consists of two steps. First, you need to backup your Entourage mailbox data using the inbuilt export feature. Then, you have to extract MBOX files from this RGE backup file. Let us see how to do these steps.

Step 1: Export Entourage Mailbox Items as RGE File
  • Open Microsoft Entourage on your Mac PC.
  • Click on the File button from the menu bar and choose the Export option from the list.
  • After that, you will see the Export Wizard of Entourage. Choose the desired mailbox folder to backup and proceed further.
  • Next, choose whether you want to delete the exported mailbox items or not. We prefer you not to delete your mailbox items. Click on the Right-Arrow button to proceed further.
  • In the next wizard, assign the desired name and destination path to the resultant backup file. Hit the Save button.
  • At last, click on the Done button to close the confirmation window. It will backup your MS Entourage mailbox as an RGE file.
Step 2: Extract Entourage RGE Files Backup into MBOX
  • After creating the Entourage backup, locate the file in your system.
  • Right-click on the file and choose the Show Package Content option from the list.
  • You will see the items that are available in the folder. Open Mail and then opt for the On my Computer Choose the desired mailbox subfolder to extract.
  • Now, you see the desired MBOX file. Copy this file to any other location.
  • Repeat this procedure for all other mailbox folders.

Method 2: Use Drag and Drop Technique to Extract MBOX

It is the most simple and effective technique to extract RGE to MBOX.
  • Launch MS Entourage on your Mac PC.
  • Select the desired mailbox folder you want to save as an MBOX file.
  • Now, drag the folder from your email client and drop it on your desktop.
  • It will create an MBOX file of the respective mailbox folder.

These techniques enable you to save your Entourage emails as MBOX files on your Mac PC. The procedures for extracting RGE files in Windows are slightly different.

Easy Solution to Save Entourage RGE in Windows PC

You can also extract RGE files created by MS Entourage on your PC with Windows OS. For this, you need to move the backup file to Windows PC using an external drive. After that, follow the below steps to extract Entourage RGE files.
  • Open the backup folder containing Entourage mailbox data.
  • Now, open the mailbox folder then select the on my computer folder. Click on the desired mailbox folder.
  • After that, you will see the MBOX file of the chosen mailbox folder.
  • Select the file and copy it. Paste to any suitable location for further use. Repeat the process for other mailbox folders as well.

These are steps to extract RGE files into MBOX file format in your Windows PC. However, if you want to migrate extracted RGE files as MBOX, you can simply use DRS MBOX Migrator Tool. It allows you to save MBOX files to PST, OST, PDF, EML, EMLX, Gmail, Yahoo, Apple Mail, etc.


Till now, we described to you Entourage, RGE, and how to extract Entourage RGE files data. First, create a backup of Entourage as RGE and extract its constituent MBOX files. Alternatively, you can use the drag and drop comparatively easy technique.

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