How to Import Google Calendar to Outlook?

In recent times it is seen a high demand for the solution of how to import Google Calendar to Outlook. Or, many users want to learn about the different methodologies to export Google Calendar to Outlook. If you are also one of such users who is looking for the answer then stay connected with this guide. Here, I am going to reveal two excellent ideas that can help you to sync Google calendar in Outlook.

Why to Import Google Calendar to Outlook?

Google calendars are widely used by users around the globe. Be it the scheduling of appointments or fixing up for important meetings, Google calendar plays an important role in every aspect. It is a part of the Google applications package that includes Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc. On the other hand, Microsoft Outlook calendar is yet another highly used calendar app by users. It too provides some excellent benefits to its users. Outlook Calendar can be accessed by users in their local system without any network connectivity. Outlook Calendar users do not have any dependency on the internet connection and probably this insists many users to add Google calendar to Outlook.

How to Import Gmail Calendar to Outlook?

There are two different methods to import Gmail Calendar to Outlook. The first method is a manual practice that has some specific steps of implementation to carry out the import task successfully. And the latter method is automated software that will do the export task for you in an effortless way. Here, I am explaining both the methods that can help users to sync their Google Calendar in Outlook.

Manual Method to sync Gmail Calendar to Outlook

  • At first open Google Calendar.
  • Next, take your cursor to the Calendar options, you will get three dots now.
  • Now select these three dots and select Settings and Sharing.
  • Here, the settings option for your calendar will pop up.
  • From this go down to the Integrate Calendar section.
  • Next, the secret address will pop up on the screen.
  • Next, you have to copy this URL.
  • Now, go to your Outlook account and go to the calendar option.
  • Next, select Open Calendar and then select From Internet.
  • Now, in the new box paste the copied URL and hit on the OK button

With the above steps, the manual system to import Google calendar ends here. Now, you can view your Gmail calendar in your Outlook account. Indeed, this is the best free method available to users for transferring calendars from Gmail into Outlook. But this system has some loopholes and cannot be recommended to every common user.

Drawbacks of Manual Method

While implementing this methodology, users have come across certain problems that need to be taken into consideration. Some of the common issues are noted below.

  1. To perform this process a user requires sound technical knowledge.
  2. It is a time-consuming and tiring technique.
  3. No guarantee of exact data import from Google to Outlook.
  4. In this system, users do not have an opportunity to get help from outside. It is a complete one-man task.

Therefore, I am suggesting here another easy method to import Google Calendar to Outlook. It is a professional approach for transferring Gmail calendars to Outlook without any difficulty. The concept of the professional approach is third-party software that is put forward by many experts of the industry.

Professional Method to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook 2016

DRS Gmail Backup Tool is the most reliable and effortless professional technique to sync Gmail to Outlook. It is an automated software that enables users to backup Gmail data into multiple other file formats and email clients. This software is specially designed with some extraordinary features that make it unique from other available software. With the help of this software, any common user can import calendars from Google to Outlook even without requiring any outside help. The tool offers some inbuilt advantages to its users which makes it a top-notch software in the technical industry. Some of its most prominent benefits that are appreciated by users are listed below.

  • The software has a very easy user interface and can be run by any non-technical user.
  • It is capable to perform the import task in any version of Windows without any hindrance.
  • The application provides data security and integrity at the topmost priority.
  • No long-term special effort or time is needed to operate this software.
  • Users can skip their unwanted attachments or duplicate emails from the mailbox while taking the backup.
  • Setting up automatic backup and migration of data is also available in this software
  • The software offers a free demo version and 24*7 tech support to its users.


In this write-up, I have disclosed two different categories of methods to import Google calendar to Outlook. The manual method requires more effort and expertise as compared to the automatic approach. Thus, DRS Gmail Backup Tool can be considered as the best solution to sync the calendar from Gmail to Outlook.

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