Outlook Search not Finding all Emails on Mac Machine - Fixed

Many Mac Outlook users ask a query, 'How to fix the Outlook search not finding all emails'? It is one of the most common questions regarding Outlook for mac. There are various factors responsible for this problem. In this article, we will cover the main reasons for the Outlook mail search not working issue. After that, we will discuss various effective methods to resolve this Outlook issue.

Main Reasons for the Outlook Search not Finding all Emails Problem

There are multiple reasons for this Outlook issue. So, if you are facing the Outlook search all mailboxes not working, you cannot fix the issue through a single method. You have to choose the most appropriate technique. Let us check some most significant reasons for the problem.

  • If there is a macOS update available and you are still using an outdated macOS version, it might be the cause of the Outlook Search does not show recent emails.
  • A corrupt Outlook profile also leads to multiple Outlook issues.
  • Another reason for the Outlook issue is the inability of mac to index your emails.
  • When your Outlook profile name has special characters, Outlook is unable to search the profile and its emails.
  • If you have enabled the spotlight privacy in your profile, Outlook will become unable to search your profile. Thus, you will face the Outlook search not finding all emails on the Mac machine problem.

These are some of the significant causes of Outlook search is not working on mac. Now, let us check some ways to fix this problem.

How to Fix - Outlook Archive Search Not Working

If the Outlook email search not working, you can perform different techniques to fix this issue. These methods are free of cost and do not require any additional tool to fix the error. All you need is basic technical knowledge. First, you need to identify the cause of the Outlook issue. After that, you can choose the appropriate procedure.

#1. Remove Outlook Account and Add It Again

It may be possible that your Outlook profile causes the Outlook search not finding all emails. If this is the case, it is better to remove your Outlook account and then add it again. It will all the issues arise because of a corrupt Outlook profile.

  • Click on the Finder icon and open Applications.
  • After that, choose the Microsoft Outlook option.
  • Now, click on the Show Package Content. It will open all packages of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Expand the Content folder then SharedSupport. Next, click on Outlook Profile Manager.
  • In the Outlook Profile Manager wizard, choose the desired Outlook profile and click on the Remove icon.
  • A confirmation pop-up will appear. Press the Delete button. Now, your Outlook profile has been deleted.
  • Now, click on the Add icon to add your Outlook profile again.
  • By default, the profile name is Profile 1. Rename it as per your requirement.
  • Open the Outlook app and then click on Outlook Settings.
  • Select Account and then press the + icon. After that, click on the New Account button.
  • Now, provide all the required details to create your Outlook profile.

#2. Move Emails to Another Outlook Folder

The Outlook application on mac may be unable to index your emails. It might lead to Outlook search not showing recent mails on mac. You can fix this issue simply by moving your emails to the new mailbox folder in Outlook.

  • First, right-click on the Toolbar and select New Folder. Name it as per your requirement.
  • Now, open the Outlook mailbox folder from which you want to move emails.
  • Press Command+A to select all emails from the mailbox folder.
  • In the Menu bar, click on the Message option.
  • After that, select Move and then the choose folder option.
  • Choose the destination Outlook folder for your emails and hit Move.
  • It will move all the selected emails to the desired Outlook folder.

#3. Update Mac OS version

An outdated version of Mac OS results in various Outlook problems. It may also cause the Outlook search not finding all emails issue. So, update your Mac OS to fix the Outlook issue.

  • Click on the Apple logo and choose the System Settings option.
  • After that, click on General and then Software Update.
  • It will check the latest update of macOS. Select the Download and Install option.
  • After completing the installation, restart your PC. It will resolve the Outlook issue.

#4. Remove Outlook Profile from Spotlight Privacy

Mac Outlook has an advanced feature of Spotlight Privacy. Using it, you can protect your information and choose what item you want to share. However, this feature may often cause email search not working in Outlook on Mac Machine. Thus, you need to remove your Outlook profile from spotlight privacy. Follow the below steps.

  • Click on the Apple logo on your mac. Choose System settings.
  • Now, select the Siri & Spotlight option (System Preference for macOS Monterey or early version).
  • After that, click on the Spotlight Privacy button. It will open the Spotlight Privacy wizard.
  • Choose the desired Outlook profile and press the Remove icon.

#5. Eliminate Special Character from Outlook Profile Name

Outlook for mac does not search for any Outlook profile if it has special characters. Therefore, you will encounter Outlook search not finding all emails problems. Rename the profile and eliminate all the special characters from the Outlook profile.

  • Click on the Finder and then choose Applications.
  • Select Outlook and right-click on it. Choose the Show Package Content option.
  • Expand the Contents folder and click on the SharedSupport option.
  • After that, choose Outlook Profile Manager. It will open the Outlook Profile Manager wizard.
  • Double-click on your profile and remove all the special characters. Press Enter to save the change.

All the above methods are effective to resolve the Outlook issue. You might notice some deviation in the steps mentioned here and the actual steps you perform. It is because of the version of macOS you are using. Apart from that, you can easily fix the issue through these techniques.

The Better Approach to Prevent Data Loss

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Key Takeaways

I hope you have learned how to fix the Outlook search not finding all emails on the mac machine. There are different methods available like, you can remove the Outlook account and add it again, move email from one folder to another, update mac OS version, etc. There are many other effective methods. However, if you want to protect your data from unintentional data loss, you should convert your Mac Outlook OLM file into other file formats via the OLM File Converter tool.

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