In computing, backup is a copy of a file or any other data item which is used for restoration in case of corruption or data loss. The basic objective of backup creation is to provide data protection. How? Let me clear this point! You have taken a backup of your crucial data into a file, known as BKF or backup file. Someday you find that some of your files have become inaccessible due to corruption. Or, you have mistakenly deleted some of your data. Be it corruption or accidental deletion, you would definitely lose your crucial data forever. But wait! You are a lucky person as you have backed up your data and files. You can restore your backed up copies from the backup file. In this way, backup provides protection for your invaluable data and files against any type of data loss which occur due to corruption or deletion.

Backup file plays an important role in our day-to-day life. It has now become a routine part of the operation in large businesses and organizations. It is strongly recommended for individuals or personal computer users too, but it is often neglected.

Being a computer user, do you really think it’s OK to neglect backup?

Say no… A big no..! And promise me that you’ll never neglect data backup in your life. If you dare to neglect this, you will definitely suffer a lot.

How to take backup?

It is really very easy to take backup of a computer system. Microsoft Corporation provides a built-in backup utility for Windows systems, known as NT-Backup tool. This Windows backup utility can easily back up all your files and folders on a computer that is running any Windows-based operating system.

Important note: NT-Backup is available in these Windows versions: Windows NT, 2000, XP and Windows Server 2003. In later versions, the Windows backup utility has been replaced by Windows Backup and Restore.

How to use NT-Backup tool?

For more information about NT-Backup utility, read this blog post: Backup Software NT-Backup Utility Tips

Other than NT-Backup, Symantec Backup Exec is also a good choice for users. The program is highly popular among Windows users as well Red Hat Enterprise and Linux Enterprise users.

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