How to Split PST File in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010

You are working for many years on outlook PST files and suddenly one day you came to realize that your PST file becomes large and it becomes hectic to work with them. So, what exactly can be done with these PST files is to Split oversized Outlook PST files into smaller and compatible Parts. What you will learn in this article is, the easy methods to split PST file in Outlook 2019/2016/2013/2010 and several other versions with precision.

Why PST File gets huge?

PST file does not become large overnight. Working on the Outlook application with the PST files for a longer period makes your PST file larger. The various reasons that force you to Split PST files are:

  • Items present in the deleted folder of the email becoming more in numbers day by day and thus creating a space issue in the application.
  • There is a conflict folder in the Outlook email application that stores one copy of those PST files that are big. If you do not Truncate PST files then it becomes oversized from its usual size. It is seen that if the synchronization issues are coming in the email server and your system files then conflict issues happen in the Outlook PST file.

To make your Outlook work faster it is recommended to split large Outlook PST files as soon as possible.

How to break or split large Size PST files in Outlook application?

In this section, I will educate about the 3 profound methods under the Manual Terminology their working and a PST file Splitter under an Automated terminology to split large Outlook PST files. Now, let us first study our Manual terminology methods to reduce the size of a .PST file.

Manual Terminology

Manual terminology is nothing but an ingrained feature of the outlook application that helps us to split PST files. As mentioned earlier that there are 3 methods. Let us study them one after the other.

Method 1: Import/Export File option

Install and start Outlook application and on the left top go to fileOpen&Export and then hit the third option that is Import/Export under it.

Import/Export OutlookMake a selection on Export to a file category and press the next button from below.

Export to a fileAs we are exporting the PST files, so we have to select the Outlook Data File. After selection click on next.

Outlook Data File

Under the new folder choose the PST files that are needed to be export and do not forget to include their subfolders before moving forward.

Include subfoldersNow, make a path selection where output PST files get saved and click on the finish button. Do not forget to remove the duplicate items from being copied by selecting the Do not Export duplicate items option.

Browse File for ExportIf you want your Output file to get locked then apply a password on them or just cancel it, to split large Outlook PST files.


Method 2: Use Move to Folder choice

  • Initiate Outlook application to break PST file into smaller parts.
  • In your file section go to Account setting and then make a selection to Account settings.
  • Now, under data files that is the second section, create a new PST file.
  • Open the Old items of the PST file and choose those items that you require and move them to a newly created PST file.
  • For this just follow the below snapshot, and go to Move ->Copy to a folder.
  • Choose the new PST file under copy items and parse the old file data items to this recently created PST file.
  • Now you can delete the old PST files to save the server space and bring down the size of your old .PST file. You can also Recover deleted PST files of Outlook by going for another writeup.

Method 3: Use Archive Wizard choice

This method of manual terminology is used to split large Outlook PST files that are almost similar to that of the Professional PST splitter but can lack the guarantee of no data loss.

  • Yes, here also likewise of other two methods go to Outlook-> file.
  • Now under the Info option move to Cleanup Tools->Archive.
  • Under Archive window performs the following work;
    1. Choose the Archive folder and subfolder option.
    2. Select date according to the archive settings.
    3. Choose the saving Path by browse option and hit on Ok to proceed.

By this, our manual terminology comes to an end to split PST files. But, before moving to the Professional terminology let us see,

Limitations of Manual Terminology

  • Only one method is used to break the PST file from the 3 methods other two are just used to reduce the size of the current outlook mailbox.
  • Data secureness and anti-data lost features are not supported by manual terminology.
  • You will lose track of time while performing this terminology.
  • Technical skill is a must while using this method.

After all this still not able to split PST files then which course of action you should follow now to break large PST files into smaller ones. Do not think much just follow me to the end.

How to Split Oversize PST file with Ease?

To split oversized PST files with ease I would recommend you to move with Professional Terminology. Under this use PST Splitter tool of DRS Softech that has the following features;

  • PST splitter can split PST files into tiny size PST files swiftly.
  • While breaking PST files no data loss happens to your Original PST file.
  • Even if your PST file is greater than 20,30 Gb PST Splitter can easily handle and truncate PST files.
  • Data security is doubled as you can apply passcode to the output PST file using this DRS Softech utility.
  • It does not matter if your PST files are of UNICODE or ANSI format, PST splitter can handle both of them.
  • Size, date, email id, and folders are the categories that can be taken into consideration to split PST files.
  • It has easy to adapt Graphical users’ interface with compatibility over various versions of Windows and MAC operating system.

What more should I say, you can use the trial or demo version of the PST Splitter tool to make a way to learn various other amazing features of the tool without spending a penny.


This article depicts various easy methods to split PST file in Outlook 2016/2019/2013/2010 etc. versions. Manual and Professional terminologies and their positive and negative side of the story is explained thoroughly. I just want to say that don’t risk your invaluable data at some cost. Without a second thought and more searching on browsers move with PST Splitter tool to split PST oversized files.

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